Practising in association, not partnership

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Senior Law Clerk

Vian earned her Law Clerk Diploma from Humber College in 2003. Two years later in 2005, Vian and Patricia met and began working together in a family law firm in Mississauga until late in 2006 when Vian embraced an opportunity to work for two prominent Toronto family law firms until she rejoined Patricia when Nelson Family Law opened its doors to the community in 2008. Together they have developed the processes and procedures Nelson Family Law is known for to this very day.

Vian brings a wealth of unparalleled experience to her work. She is knowledgeable in preparing complex Financial Statements and analyzing the opposing side’s Financial Statements, she understands and navigates court procedures to ensure documents are prepared, served and filed in a timely manner, she is invaluable when called upon to assist in complex court appearances, she works closely with all clients as their matter proceeds along its process. Our clients will undoubtedly admit Vian is an ever present pillar of strength and the sound of reason as they travel along their journey.

Vian’s accolades are far more prominent than on the job accomplishments. She is a member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO), she regularly participates in continuing education through formal course programs and independent study, she is a Commissioner of Oaths for the firm and she is fluent in five languages.