In 2008 Patricia R. Nelson founded Nelson Family Law, a boutique law firm focusing solely on family law.  In 2018 Shilpa Mehta brought her experience and commitment to family law  clients to the offices of Nelson Family Law.  

Nelson Mehta Family Law* follows a simple guiding principle which is to provide solid legal advice and guidance to our respective clients that address the client’s particular needs within the parameters of the law and this is done in an honest and reasonable manner.  No two family law matters are the same – there is no “one size fits all” fix.  Some matters invite a creative solution, others require a formulaic approach.

Patricia and Shilpa’s experience encompasses all areas of family law with a focus on complex financial matters involving self-employed clients (both sides), salaried clients, high net worth clients, disparate income earners (full-time homemakers financially dependent on the primary bread-winner), property division, support (spousal and child), varying court Orders and Agreements, paternity, and high conflict custody and access cases – to highlight the most common areas of conflict.

A multi-disciplinary approached is used to address the complexities of a family law matter as clients are guided towards resolution.  This may involve business valuators, specialized accountants/finance professionals to conduct and advise on asset tracing, medical health practitioners if clinical issues are a concern and partnering with parenting experts. If it is appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR - also known as mediation and mediation/arbitration) may be engaged, but if that is inappropriate the matter may need to proceed to court – Patricia and Shilpa do that too. The most prudent resolution avenue is carefully examined and together with the client, his/her strategy is developed.

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*practicing in association and not partnership

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